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Tier 1

$100k below

Tier 2

$101k to $500k

Tier 3

$501k to $700k

Tier 4

$701k to $1m

Tier 5

more than $1m
1099 Preparation and E-filing$10$10$10$10$10
Accounting Monthly$100/mo$250/mo$300/mo$350/mo$500/mo
Entity Setup$600$600$600$600$600
Monthly filing of a state tax return$50/mo$50/mo$50/mo$50/mo$50/mo
Prepare BE-12$395$395$395$395$395
Sales tax monthly compliance review$200/mo$225/mo$250/mo$250/mo$250/mo
Single State Sales Tax$125$125$125$125$125
Start Up Compliance Package$595/year
Tax Advice Special Project$350$350$350$350$350
Tax Representation$1,000$1,500$2,000$3,000$5,000
Tax Resolution Response$150$150$150$150$150
Tax Return Preparation Corporate 1120$795/year$1,050/year$1,300/year$1,500/year$1,750/year
Tax Return Preparation Partnership 1065$795/year$1,050/year$1,300/year$1,500/year$1,750/year
Tax Return Preparation Personal 1040/1040NR$495/year$525/year$650/year$650/year$650/year
Tax Return Preparation Subchapter S 1120S$795/year$1,050/year$1,300/year$1,500/year$1,750/year

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  • We will advise you of any available remedies.
  • We will prepare a response and communicate for you.