We provide mentorship and support to all founders. However, Fractional Tax has additional discounts for founders who are from historically, culturally, or socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

According to The Telegraph, female founders received 157x less funding then their male counterparts, while only 3% of venture capital funding goes to female-led businesses

Fractional Tax understands that female founders not only have to balance family, business, and child rearing, but women also face social pressures that make it more difficult to thrive in business.

Business-ownership is a crucial part of creating wealth in minority communities, not only because it empowers historically marginalized business owners, but also because it can benefit their employees and uplift the communities that they serve.

Fractional Tax is committed to supporting minority-led or minority-founded business.

Being a business owner or a founder can be a particularly daunting experience, especially for first-time founders. First-time founders are also more likely to make mistakes and have less experience regarding the complexities of accounting and taxation. 

In addition to mentorship, Fractional Tax is committed to providing meaningful discounts to first-time business owners.

Military spouses face numerous challenges –- they are often left to be single parents or find themselves in difficult new environments. We are fully committed to supporting military spouses and their businesses. 

If you are a military spouse, please apply for available discounts from Fractional Tax.

For their bravery and service to the nation, we are proud to offer military veterans special discounts, in addition to the mentorship we provide all of our business-owners.

If you are a military veteran, don’t forget to apply for our special discount.

As the saying goes, “America is a country of immigrants.” Some of the most successful companies in the United States were founded by hard-working immigrants, who often overcome numerous barriers—ranging from language to a lack of access to capital—in order to operate their small businesses and start-ups. Immigrant founders have an enough tougher time navigating the convoluted world of American taxation and accounting.

Fractional Tax provides special discounts immigrant founders and works with them to push their businesses towards financial success.